Q. What is Kydex / Boltaron?

A. Both materials are a thermoform plastic, meaning they are designed to be heated up and molded to a specific shape. Once the material is cooled back down it retains that shape. Which makes this the perfect material for holsters. It is easy to wash, waterproof, and protects the gun. It also allows for retention of the gun in the holster without added hardware.

We typically use Boltaron as we have found it to be have a more consistent thickness and grain pattern over Kydex. Boltaron is just better.

We have chosen to use the term "kydex" on our website, not to be misleading in any way, but because kydex and boltaron are so similar, and most people are unfamiliar with the term boltaron. But rest assured, boltaron is our preferred material of choice because it is superior to kydex.

Q. What makes OxCreek Tactical holsters different (better) than other holsters?

A. Kydex/boltaron holsters are made by many different companies. There are multiple different ways to form these holsters, and having so many people making them, they range from excellent to sub par.

But, here at OxCreek Tactical we start our holster making on a computer. We design the holster from the ground up in CAD. This begins with taking detailed measurements from the actual firearm. We then design the holster mold to include all the design features of the gun to be blocked out for a smooth draw with minimal gun wear. From there, the mold is cut in-house on a CNC machine. We then use a precision forming process that results in a consistent material thickness throughout the holster eliminating weak spots that typically occur from vacuum forming or foam molding.

Q. How long will it take me to receive my order?

    A. Because each of our products is individually made-to-order, please allow for 2-3 weeks processing time. 

    Q. Should I get an Inside the Waistband (IWB) or Outside the Waistband (OWB) Holster?

      A. If your intentions are to carry concealed I always recommend IWB. This design of holster holds the gun as close to the body as possible resulting in less printing.

      OWB holsters can work for concealed carry, but due to the fact that the holster and gun are worn on the outside of your pants it does not sit as close to the body. OWB holsters are perfect for the shooting range, hiking, fishing, and hunting.

      Q. What is the difference between the Freedom I and Freedom II holsters?

      A. The Freedom I holster is a fold over style holster which means the overall width of the holster is very small, but the belt attachment is on the back of the holster resulting in the gun sitting slightly farther away from the body. This results in a very easy draw, perfect for competition, and range use, but is more difficult to conceal.

      The Freedom II holster is a pancake design, meaning it is a two piece holster, which is wider overall, but the belt attachments are located on each side of the holster instead of behind it which results in the gun sitting closer to the body, easily concealed with an over garment.

      Q. What is "FOMI" and what does it stand for?

      A. Fold Over Mold Injected belt clip, these are the belt clips used on my Defender holsters and magazine carriers. They are designed specifically to be flexible so they will not break with extended use, but strong enough to hold onto the belt without worrying about them falling off. The term "blocking" referred to on the Kimber pepper blaster mold is an extrusion built into the mold which allows the FOMI clip to be attached to the holster.

        Q. What does retention / adjustable retention mean?

          During our molding process we use a .05” retention divot in the trigger guard. This means the Boltaron is formed in a way that when you insert your gun into the holster the Boltaron will snap over your trigger guard keeping the gun secure in the holster until you apply force during your draw. There is an adjustment screw located directly under the trigger guard, where you can adjust how much force is required in order to draw the gun from the holster.

          Q. Will you take OEM / white label orders?

          A. "Original Equipment Manufacturing" Yes. Absolutely. We offer a service for other companies or individuals who are looking for a custom product to be designed and manufactured by us and sold at wholesale pricing. This can be a complete product such as holsters or belts. We also offer a service of designing custom holster designs and sell prefab holster shells that are molded, trimmed to shape, and have all holes drilled. All done with CNC precision. Contact us here for OEM orders.

          Q. Will you fill bulk or large quantity orders at a discount?

          A. Yes! We're happy to offer wholesale pricing for large quantity orders, whether it be for dealers, other companies in the industry, or law enforcement departments. Contact us here for bulk ordering.

          Q. Which Ox Belt is right for me?

          A. The super stiff belt is great for both outside the waistband (OWB) and inside the waistband (IWB) holsters as well as people who carry a lot of gear everyday. The webbing is resin impregnated creating a very rigid belt.

          The semi-flex is designed for Everyday Carry, where you are wearing an IWB holster and normal everyday items. This belt is made from two layers of biothane - a rubber coated nylon webbing with an inner core of 17337 mil spec webbing. This results in a flexible belt that provides comfort throughout the day as it will conform to the shape of your body, but at the same time does not stretch or sag still providing more then enough support for your gun.

          Q. Do you take Custom Orders?

          A. Typically no, not unless it is for a large quantity order. Our process for making molds for each holster is time consuming and, unfortunately, it is not cost effective to mill a mold to only be used one time currently

          Q. How do I attach my holster to a belt?

          A. Defender: The body of the holster tucks inside your pants, while the clip slides over your belt. The hook located on the bottom of the clip grabs the bottom of the belt keeping the holster secure. To remove simply lift on the tab at the bottom of the clip and pull the holster straight up.

          Q. What's the best position for this holster in specific applications?

          A. Defender can be worn in the appendix position with the belt clip set in the straight drop (square to the slide) position, or can be worn anywhere from the 3 o'clock to-5:30 position utilizing the adjustable belt clip feature allowing for the grip of the gun to be angled for more concealment.