Glock - Appendix Carry - AIWB Kydex Holster

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Provides Ultimate Firearm Concealment.

Our appendix carry or AIWB (appendix Inside The Waistband) holster is designed to be worn from the 11 o'clock - 1 o'clock position, which we believe to be the best form of carrying concealed. Allows for easy quick access, less prone to printing, and a higher level of confidence in gun retention.

The holster comes with an option of either one or two 1.5” tuck-able J-hooks, which allow you to wear the holster with either an untucked or tucked in shirt.

The mod wing is aligned perfectly with the j-hooks to ensure proper engagement with the belt. The mod wing acts as a fulcrum against the back of your belt to tuck the grip into your body providing the ultimate concealment.

These are ambidextrous holsters (but let us know your set-up preference below).

Specially cut to accommodate RMR sights and suppressor height sights and still provide a complete snug and secure fit. As always these come with adjustable retention to allow you to find your perfect draw.  

    • Made from durable .080" Kydex - providing the perfect balance between strength and definition
    • Specially designed to be worn from the 11 o'clock - 1 o'clock position, which we believe to be the best form of carrying concealed.
    • Light-weight for all day comfort
    • Versatility in wearing options provided by selecting one or two durable 1.5" J-Hook belt clips
    • This AIWB holster designed to hug the body, providing the ultimate concealment.
    • Can accommodate Glocks with suppressors and RMR sights easily and securely
    • Ambidextrous - but let us know your set-up preference below
    • Adjustable Retention allowing you to dial in the perfect draw

    * Because each of our products is individually made-to-order, please allow 2-3 weeks processing time.

    * Firearm and magazine not included

    Customer Reviews

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    Cody C.
    Incredible AIWB Holster

    Well, I finally shaved off some pounds in order to try out my first AIWB for my G17. Man, does this thing not disappoint. Ridiculously comfortable and my grip purchase is phenomenal while this Holster sits nicely secured. Incredibly durable, as anything I else I buy from OxCreek. The cuts are awesome and minimalistic, with no edges or corners left with excess kydex (big win in my book). There’s too many holsters on the main market, especially IWB, with excess material...making them uncomfortable or awkward to carry. This is clearly paid attention to in order to provide max comfort for EDC.
    I’m glad this was brought to the market from OxCreek because it has quickly become one of my favorite holsters. Anxious to see if you do a spare mag combo-AIWB down the road! Thanks again for an awesome product.