How to Use a Mold to make your own Kydex Magazine Carrier

If you've been interested in trying to make your own Kydex Holsters or Magazine Carriers, you've come to the right place! 

If you've picked up one of Our Magazine Carrier Molds, I've taken all of the guesswork out of making them yourself. All of my measurements are precise and designed to fit many different magazine styles. Each mold is designed to make your manufacturing process simple and fast. But if you've gotten a mold from another manufacturer, the process is probably similar.

All our molds are hand-designed, 3D-modeled, then precision-cut in house on our CNC machines. This ensures each mold is made to our exact specifications and held to our same high-quality-control standards.


  1. Use the mold to press the shell
  2. Once the shell is pressed there will be an outline for you to follow with your bandsaw.
  3. This will allow you to trim the shell just slightly oversized with no need for tracing or measuring.
  4. Once you have trimmed on the bandsaw, take the shell to the drill and you will drill out all the indicator holes that are pre-marked in the shell.
  5. Attach the shell to the router trim jig with a standard .375" or .5" 8-32 screw ( same screws most people use on holsters).
  6. Run your router jig along the bearing on your router bit.
  7. After that it's just a matter of folding, buffing and assembly.