Glock - Freedom II Series - OWB Kydex Holster

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The Latest Technology for Maximum Versatility.

The process of making these Outside-the-WaistBand (OWB) holsters starts with a 3D scan of the firearm, which is imported and modified using CAD computer software, then milled on a CNC machine, and lastly, finished off and inspected by hand.

This level of precision ensures a perfect fit and contour for each holster, every time.

  • Made from durable .080" Kydex - providing the perfect balance of strength, retention, and definition.
  • High-Quality Adjustable belt loops allow for a:
    • Custom-positioned ride height to fit your carry needs
    • Dialed-in cant, creating your perfect draw angle. 
  • Adjustable retention to fit your carry application.